Summer Rest

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : Mark 6:30-37

Nothing looked better at the moment than a day free from schedules and obligations. Nothing to do except lounge on the deck to read, write, meditate. Even as I was thinking about what I was not going to do, I realized I was planning and organizing my day of complete rest! Mental images of rocking in a hammock on the white sands of some obscure Caribbean island created a little relaxation, putting some emotional distance between the need to unwind and avoid the crunch of pressures and the more familiar call to productivity.

Peaceful moments open the thought ways of blessings, allowing closeness to Christ. Yet Jesus’ “rest” invitation doesn’t seem to be the flat-on-your-back kind. The Master knows mankind is made for glorifying Him and the desert “R and R” is only for a while. Being apart provides a viewing place to see who is out there and what needs to be done. There are calls for food, medicine, relief from war. There is the need for the gospel message. Shake- speare wrote: “to have done is to being like a rusted sword in monumental mockery.” Temporary retreats condition us for healthy spiritual energy to discover divine direction to fulfill God’s call.


Father, this summer prepare us to answer Your sweet voice to enter into the tumult of life for Your sake. We would follow You into new places. Forgive us whenever we are content to rest on past efforts. We offer ourselves, in Jesus’ name. Amen.