The Wisdom of Change

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : Romans 11:28-36

Early one hot, humid night last August, lightning began to cut open the black sky. The jagged flashes accented the blind darkness and revealed quick pictures of what can be seen in the light, images and shadows ordinarily hidden at night.

How like our lives! It seems the Holy Spirit comes to us in blinking brilliance to reveal what glory our lives can become when separated from the darkness. Possibly there is a pattern in the way we respond to others, too much giving in, or too little ability to say “no.” It might be we have stuffed some sin away, trying to hide it from God, or some old hurt to which the Spirit is now calling attention.

Taking a fresh look at God’s love work in our hearts sharpens dulled thankfulness as well as reminding us to show gratitude. When the Spirit’s brightness reveals our dark side and shabby sins, concealed and brooding within, He also ignites the power of righteousness to change.

Some may call it renewal, recommitment, or recharging our spiritual batteries. Surely it is God displaying power, energizing, purifying, giving peace. The Holy Spirit gives enough light to stir barrenness into bloom, dead sticks into buds. Life begins anew.


Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on us today. Be the eternal stimulus to change in our spiritual growth. We believe confession and cleansing is necessary. This is our climate for life changes. In Christ. Amen.