Something Beautiful?

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : Genesis 1:20-28

Silvery, slimy tracks crisscross the sidewalk and up onto the porch. The telltale belly rubbing sides come from the travel of slugs, those ugly, amoeba-like creatures which come out of the ground.

“Look, Grandma! Look what I have.” The treasure was curled up in the palm of his hand, a shiny ball of eyeless, spineless blob. “Why did God make slugs?” It took a few moments to refrain from a put-down of one of God’s creative choices. I did not want to cloud the brightness of my grandson’s appreciation of slug handiwork. “I’m not sure,” I carefully answered, “but God has a place for slugs in His world.”

Later on, I reflected on slugs. They’re not like caterpillars which turn into butterflies, or nuisance ants whose work habits and uncanny sense for food are fascinating to study. I couldn’t think of anything unique about slugs.

It’s a bit like people. Some folks have hidden beauty, wrapped away from view by anger or fear. Others act in such unexplainable ways the image of God is difficult to see. With love, care, and much effort, we can learn to appreciate each person’s worth.


Creator God, there are many times we cannot see with Your searching gaze, Your look that sees the heart of man. We confess we often focus on the obvious and give up too soon. Awake us to Your creativity which makes all things beautiful to those who will see. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.