Living Water

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : John 7:37-44

“It’s boring!” A husband and wife, trying to develop a life without alcohol, are lamenting life. For years their mutual activity was the bar scene. They had a social life there, laughter and noise. He was a laid-back, comic drunk; she compliant. After serious health, financial and legal problems, together they struggled to sober up. Now AA is a three-time-a-week social event. Employment is a necessary regularity, but feels routine. Working and lounging in the yard on Sunday becomes a restless effort. They rent videos to fill in the nights until bedtimes. Life seems boring.

As a Christian therapist, I know their lack of purpose and fulfillment can be satisfied if they would meet Jesus. He tells us to come to Him if we are thirsty because He is the living water of life. The Bible shows life in Christ as one of expectancy, of being on the way to new fellowship. Laughter is released when the Spirit fills our minds with thankfulness. The struggle to obey is not overwork, but overflow with His help. Boring? No, victory!

Weekly they fought an insidious power of the past in order to receive peace. They searched for a place to belong. Gently, carefully, I offered myself, available for whatever attachment they could make. Slowly the holes in their lives began to fill with hope. Sometimes they could only hang on, but the strong chords of God’s new life in Christ kept them.


Dear Jesus, fill us with Yourself. Amen.