Only One Life

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : Psalm 90:1-12

Did you ever wonder when you truly acknowledged your earthly life would not last forever? This awareness may have come early in your Christian experience when the glory of the risen Christ was lifted up in worship. Maybe realization engulfed you during the serious illness of yourself or your child. A greater sense of mortality came to me when my parents died. Sharing losses with friends shapes our life time line, too. God-given events of beginnings and endings, a loss here, a replacement there, reframes our picture of permanency.

What is confirmed in the Scriptures is that we Christians come to know we have permanency in our impermanence. “This World Is Not My Home.” I used to think this was escapist thinking, an excuse to deal passively with Christian responsibilities. Not so. Spiritually healthy folks accept the fact that the world doesn’t start or stop because of them, nor does it circle around them. Christians are a part of God’s plan and are given a time and place to carry it out.

The fact is each of us is given “X” number of days, a mixture of peace and urgency about time. God invites us to give a word of thanks or encouragement now, some love and service even during the summer.


Lord, we do not know the days or years we have. Show us how to make each moment be your moment and each day Your day. Thank You for giving us life and life everlasting. In Jesus’ name. Amen.