In Praise of Patience

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : Psalm 40:1-8

“We’ll have to wait and see.” These are not words children want to hear. For them, it’s either now or never. One would think the toy store is closing its doors any moment and Power Rangers will become extinct before winter and Christmas shopping.

Wait. Wait nine months for the new baby. Wait until the soil is ready for planting. Wait for our child to seek information. Wait for God to answer prayer for healing. Wait for His direction to be made plain.

Waiting doesn’t fit into the scheme of things. Drive-throughs provide “Get ‘Em and Go.” We can get money and medicine quickly, even an instant photo. One light touch on the transistor wipes out a commercial, a president’s speech, or guilt-producing beach aerobics. A flick of the switch takes out the baseball game, as if by not seeing it the outcome will be changed.

God is a waiting God. From the beginning He told His people to wait for the Messiah. He said to “wait” for Jesus to return. Waiting allows us to meditate, to digest the day’s events. While we “wait on the Lord,” we hear His voice to know whether to rush into the demand for instant action or open our hearts to quiet understanding. Waiting and expecting are linked together, poised over the overwhelming awareness of God’s coming to us.


Help me to wait, dear God, so I do not miss out on the anticipation. Everything’s coming. In Christ. Amen.