Love of Children

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : Mark 10:13-21

“God is great. God is good. And we thank Him for our food.” He prays this prayer with four-year-old trust. Once the words are spoken, he confidently announces he wants his favorite toast. He receives it! Right now life is predictable, safe, because he is loved, protected and cared for.

Jesus appreciates children. He instructs adults to have faith as a little child. He likes a child’s openness to learning. A child has not met the “scientific method” that can write off miracles. A child wonders how stars stay up in the sky and accepts the idea that God is in charge of His world.

Do children in other parts of the world know “God is great and God is good”? The television news casts would indicate otherwise. Some touch our emotions so deeply we want to change the channel, feeling helpless before their poverty and pain. We reach out to squeeze the shoulders of the child sitting next to us, our hearts lifting in thanks to God for His mercy to our family, and asking how we can show mercy to a child in need. The mind of the child in Romania also wants to learn, and the child from Bosnia wants his leg replaced.

So, today we’re giving to our relief organization; we’re sending a letter of encouragement to a missionary, giving a game and blanket to the mission.


Jesus, love the children of the world, through us. Amen.