Caring Enough to Give

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : Matthew 25:31-40

She looks out of her living room window at the green grass, snapdragons tipping their heads at her. The birds fluff their wings in the ornate bird bath. A serene summer scene to us, but not to her. She rocks back and forth in agitation. “I want to be free! Give me back my car!” She stares at us, gleefully smiles, stretches out her frail legs as if operating her automo- bile. She presses the accelerator to the floor and turns her imaginary steering wheel. “If I had my car back, I’d fly!” Changes in her abilities make it unsafe for her to drive. She has lost her independence.

Tina is a grandma in need of a family to adopt her as a special friend. She’d love to go along to the beach or wonder at the musical fountain. Giving one of her friends a ride to her room would brighten her day. She wants to attend worship in church.

Jesus commanded us to look after each other, to be kindly affectionate one to another. He wants us to be especially concerned for the needy. Jesus compared loving deeds to another person to loving deeds to Himself. Some- times serving the Lord is a ride, an order of french fries or a pistachio ice cream cone at The Little Red School House, or a walk in the park. Serving the Lord is an “in-as-much” expression. It’s giving mobility to someone who wants to “fly.”


Lord, Friend, Teacher, Savior, we would imitate You. Amen.