Odd Couple

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : John 15:9-17

How different they looked; my husband, tall, thin, gray. Julius, shorter, rounder, African-American. One has difficulty flexing his fingers and the other works hard to put his legs in motion. Each had known vigor just a few months earlier and had deftly performed his work tasks at his office.

Now they shared the daily grind of physical rehabilitation. They were spending the summer convincing their muscles to respond. Day and night they stretched, lifted, retrained and built up strength. Neither had anticipated being stricken with Guillian Barre’ Syndrome. Neither wanted it nor could do anything about it.

Sometimes they talked about football and competition. They shared stories of family and faith, and wondered about their future. They laughed at having to take driver’s training again. Sometimes they didn’t talk at all. They seemed to know about each other.

Our human relationships picture our relationship with God, a Person very different from the way we are. At times we feel we have to tell Him about ourselves. He listens unaffected by all the noise around us. He restores our souls when we are weak and in need of strength. He feels what we feel, and cares.


Your friendship, dear Jesus, is another of Your gifts from Redeeming love. And thank You for giving us understanding friends as well. Amen.