Letting Go

Wanda Hendrickson

READ : John 12:23-26

It’s come to the end of August, a time to let go of summer. It’s saying “good-bye” to relaxed schedules and uncommitted hours. After snipping a bloom from the Eisenhower rose bush, we see more stalk than buds. Children begin to talk school, knowing bare feet and sand pails will change to tennis shoes and back packs. The end of August is also the first time to say good-bye to our college freshman, eager to venture into her dormitory life away from home.

Letting go is about endings. It could be nostalgic or sad, stoic or painful. A lot depends on the relationship between the parting people. One could move across the country and still be hanging on to the other. Certain memories are “keepers” while others are better off let go.

God has set a pattern for letting go; He recycles! His rhythm is to allow past matters to belong to the past in order to make room for new. What appears to be the end of a grain of wheat reappears in a different harvest. Letting go of life is preparation for resurrection. Dying to self is new life in Christ.

This year putting the green Coleman stove away will mean the end of summer and meals in the park but drooping pansies signify the coming of orange mums. Letting go is receiving again.


Dear Father, help us to release what is over and be open to Your newness. Thank You for new life. In Christ. Amen.