He Came Down

Steven Laman

READ : Isaiah 35:3-10

Like most little boys, my brother liked to climb trees when he was younger. One year my dad made him a tree house. I felt jealous because my brother had that house. I couldn’t climb trees and join in the fun that was going on up in those branches. I can remember one time when I did manage to get up into the tree house. It was hard for me to climb the ladder. After a long time of struggling, and with the help of my dad, I finally made it. I only did that one time because it was so hard for me. I always looked forward to my brother coming down from his tree house so he would be on my level, and I could play with him.

It was hard for the people in the Old Testament to get to God. To be accepted by God, they had to sacrifice all kinds of animals and offer many different offerings. They were always looking for the Messiah to come down from heaven.

God did come down to our level in the person of Jesus to be our sin offering. He also sent Jesus so we could have a new relationship with Him. Praise God for sending Jesus down from heaven so we can be accepted by Him and relate to Him on our level!


Thank You, Father, for sending Your Son down to save us. In His name. Amen.