The Little Things

Steven Laman

READ : Luke 12:1-12

My disability makes it very hard for me to accomplish fine motor activities like tying my shoes, combing my hair, and a multitude of other seemingly insignificant things. To the non-disabled, these little jobs may sound easy, or they may even be done without much thought, but I have to struggle with these details or have someone help me. That is difficult.

Somehow, God seems to know when I need help. He always sees to it that someone is there to help me. Whether it is opening a door that I am having trouble getting through, or getting help from my mom in fastening a button so I will be ready to go somewhere, my Father in heaven sees to it that every little thing is taken care of.

Our Scripture says that God cares for sparrows, sold for the littlest amount of money. We are so much more important than the sparrow. Our Father has each one of our hairs numbered! He even sent His only Son to die for our littlest sins.

I can feel the love of God for me when someone helps me with little things that I cannot do. What small details of your life has God worked out? May you see His hand in them and be glad.


Father, help us to trust that You can care for the littlest things in our lives. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.