Just Worship

Steven Laman

READ : Psalm 100:1-5

One of the main reasons that we were created is to worship the Lord and sing praises to His holy name. We don’t have to sound like the angels when we sing to the Lord. The Psalmist just says, “Make a joyful noise.”

I am grateful that the Word does not say, “Sing a perfect song to the Lord,” because I love to sing. I cannot talk, let alone sing the right way, because of my disability. But I can make a joyful noise.

When some Pharisees tried to have Jesus quiet the crowd as He rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, He said: “I tell you . . . if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out” (Luke 19:40). I like to think that I sing better than a stone would.

I am always surprised when someone says, “You really bless me when you sing.” They often give the reason that I always sound sincere. God doesn’t care how His people sound when they sing. He only cares about what is going on within their hearts. Worship is not a performance where we have to sound perfect. The Lord is more concerned with what is going on within us.

All God is concerned with is that we are glorifying Him and that our hearts are right while we are doing it. Won’t you join me in just worshiping and making a joyful noise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


Lord Jesus, may we not be so concerned about how we sound, but help us to truly worship You. Amen.