To Live or Die

Steven Laman

READ : Philippians 1:19-28

Sometimes I can’t wait to die so I can be with Christ and be apart from my body my body that cannot do so many things in this life. When I hear a choir sing an inspiring number, I think . . . “I would love to get up there and sing the words like everyone else.” I will have to wait until I get to heaven!

Even though sometimes I would love to die, I love life too much! I love being in the mountains, breathing the fresh air, or going on vacation and visiting relatives. Life has many wonderful opportunities in it. I enjoy being with people, and I am blessed as I work with a church youth group and volunteer as an aide, helping children learn to read. I find one of the best opportunities is sharing my faith with others. Even having a disability is sometimes a benefit. I can share with disabled people because I can identify with them.

When I die, I will no longer have to put up with my cerebral palsy with all its limitations. However, if I were to die prematurely, I would miss out on all the experiences of this life. Like Paul, I don’t know which I would choose to live or die.

God will take me up to heaven when He sees fit for me to be with Him. For now, I know God wants me here in this life, and I am content to live and see what wonderful experiences He has in store for me.


Lord, whether we live or die, help us to be willing to live or die for You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.