Think on These Things

Steven Laman

READ : Acts 16:22-34

Paul had every right to be depressed. He was thrown in jail for serving our Lord. Instead of focusing on his horrible situation, he thought about what he could do in prison. Paul saw his imprisonment as an opportunity for spreading the gospel. He told all the guards and the prisoners about the grace of Jesus.

Paul didn’t think about his imprisonment. One way that I keep from getting depressed about my disability is to stop thinking about it. The first part of Proverbs 23:7 says, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (KJV). I can either be depressed because of what I can’t do, or I can focus on what I can do, on how good life is, and on what God has given me.

I can’t walk, but God gave me an electric wheelchair, and sometimes it’s even fun to drive it. I can’t speak, but I thank God that He gave someone a mind to know how to make an electronic speech device. It is almost impossible for me to do fine motor activities like taking notes or opening a can of pop. I just thank God that He gave me so many helpful people.

Your state of mind depends on how you choose to look at your life. Are you dwelling on the unpleasant situations in life, or looking at all the good gifts that God has given you? Join me in looking at the pleasant experiences in life instead of the unpleasant.


Help us, Lord, to focus on all the good in life rather than on the unpleasant. For Your Son’s sake. Amen.