Shared Experience

Steven Laman

READ : Matthew 28:16-20

My dad is the adventurous type and likes to explore the great outdoors. It is hard for me to go hiking and exploring with him. Still, he always likes me to share in the experience. If at all possible, he figures out a way for me to join him.

My family visited a national park with many hiking trails. Before we went, my dad asked a welder to make a wilderness wheelchair. It looked sort of like a rickshaw, with one wheel in the back and handles for my dad to pull it along behind him. Even with my special wheelchair, it was a lot of work for my dad to take me on the hikes. It would have been easier for him to leave me at camp, but he didn’t. He was willing to take me because he loves me.

My earthly father’s love and his willingness to have me share the experience of hiking reminds me that our heavenly Father loves us and also wants us to have some wonderful experiences. One of the best experiences we can have is telling other people about the love of Jesus. Sometimes we don’t want to share our faith because we are afraid of being ridiculed or we are not sure what to say. It would have been easier for God if He had used a different way to tell the people of the world how much He loves them instead of relying on us. He didn’t, because He wants us to have the experience of bringing people to Him.


Thank You, Father, for the shared experiences of life. Help us to share You with others. In Your Son’s name. Amen.