Keep It Charged

Steven Laman

READ : Romans 12:9-21

Having an electric wheelchair is great! It gives me independence by allowing me to go many places. But there is one extremely important responsibility I have with my wheelchair, that is to remember to plug it in to keep the batteries charged.

Once when my mom and I were shopping, my wheelchair began moving slower and slower. It was running out of power because I had forgotten to charge it up the night before. My mom was upset with me because she had to push me all the way back to the van not an easy thing to do with an electric wheelchair. In forgetting to charge my batteries, I ruined our day of shopping.

Sometimes our spiritual batteries get run down too. Paul said that we should keep our spiritual fervor. How do we keep on loving other people, living in harmony with others, and doing good to all even our enemies? I have to plug my wheelchair batteries into the power source. We all have to plug our spiritual batteries into Jesus. We must let Him fill us with His love so we will have His power in our lives. To keep our spiritual batteries charged, we have to spend time with Him in His Word, talk withHim in prayer, and be in fellowship with His people. Let’s get charged up on Jesus! Then we have the strength to live a life filled with zeal, serving the Lord!


Lord Jesus, may we get charged up on You daily so that we can charge up others. Amen.