Waiting on Him

Steven Laman

READ : Jude 1:17-25

Remember when you were a child, the best part of the whole year was Christmas because you received all kinds of presents. The brightly wrapped packages were set neatly around the tree. If you were like me, it was oh, so hard to wait until Christmas morning. Somehow, we managed. When it was time to open the gifts, excitement filled the room. That first look at what you really wanted made you the happiest child in the world.

Waiting is difficult, whether it is waiting for a new toy on Christmas morning or waiting for a job promotion. Having a disability means that I often have to wait for help. Since I cannot do simple tasks like buttoning a shirt or combing my hair, I have to learn to wait patiently until someone comes to help. Sometimes it is hard for me to wait for help, especially when I have to do something or go somewhere.

No matter how long I have to wait for my parents to help me, I can be assured they will always come because they love me. The same is true with waiting on God. He will always come because He loves us. He knows what we need, and He will always give it to us. When He says “wait,” we can know that He will do what’s best for us in His perfect timing. Sometimes it is very hard to wait on God, but if we do, He will never disappoint us.


Father, give us the willingness to wait on You. In Your Son’s name. Amen.