"Do Not Disturb!"

John Maassen

READ : Matthew 8:23-34

The tags are there for your motel room door. “Do Not Disturb!”

The Gadarenes had them too in their heads. Jesus had saved them from certain tragedy. But in the process they had to lose their livestock. This Rabbi was “something else!” He had helped them, but could they afford Him? So they begged Him to go away. “Please. Don’t Disturb!”

Often we also hang those tags on our doorknobs too when Jesus approaches. We sing about Him as our Lord and Savior. But when He interrupts us to ask us for our help (O yes! We hear Him all right), the tag is so conveniently close at hand. “Do Not Disturb!”

Our Lord respects our privacy. He never goes where He is not wanted. In His own home town, He was powerless because of His fellow townsmen’s unconcern. Perhaps that’s why so many of us don’t know Him well. He deserves our full attention, but too many of us follow Him not “whithersoever thou goest,” but only as far as is convenient.

The demented, pitiful men of Gadara were transformed. But their “healthy” neighbors remained unchanged. How much more might Jesus have been able to do for them had they only ripped down those forbidding signs!


Knock on my door, O Lord. Help me to keep the latch open for You. Amen.