"Give Without Pay"

John Maassen

READ : Matthew 10:1-15

“You received without pay, give without pay.” The first phrase is easy to remember, isn’t it? That being a Christian results in rich blessings hardly needs repeating. In fact, we may emphasize it too much! The church in America is being challenged today by an increasingly secularized society. As a result many congregations are “sales oriented” and anxious to please. Some of this we applaud. The church is meant to attract people. But in our sales fervor we must remember that our Master not only promises much (“You received without pay”) but also expects much (“give without pay”).

The church has a hard time keeping these truths in balance! Paul was willing to become all things to all people in order to win some. But when he preached, he was unequivocal in presenting the demands of Christ. Remember the lessons of history. The blood of the martyrs has been the “seed of the church.” History tells us that a shallow presentation of the gospel can dull the church’s message and influence.

Perhaps some of us have been guilty of deceptive advertising. Rightly we promise the seeker peace of mind. But with our eyes anxiously on “the bottom line” we forget to exhort the believer to selfless service. That is the response our Lord expects!


Dear God, help us to reflect all of the gospel message as we pass it on to others. In Jesus’ name. Amen.