Christ and Bruised Reeds

John Maassen

READ : Matthew 11:7-21

Years ago a manufacturer advertising a product refined by a special process proclaimed in his ads, “Nature in the raw is seldom mild.” How true! Nature seems little concerned about hopeless cases.

Unredeemed human nature is much the same. Children tend to torment classmates who by handicap or color are “different.” The ancient Spartans exposed their undesirables, especially their children, and let them die. Even today we prefer to have the less fortunate out of our sight. And we still discriminate consciously or unconsciously toward those some of us consider of an “inferior race.”

But Christ is always tender. A common reed has some value. It can be fashioned into a rustic flute. But a bruised reed has no value. A smoldering wick is a smoky nuisance instead of a provider of light and heat. Why should we treasure them? Because we in our sin are reeds bruised by the storms of life. We are wicks whose light of promise is almost stifled.

The Master binds up the bruised reed. And it brings forth music to the glory of God! He tends the smoking flax. It brilliantly shines forth and illumines and warms us with His light!

“He will not break a bruised reed nor quench a smoldering wick, till He brings . . . victory.”


Lord, thank You for caring for me so tenderly. Teach me to be tender and caring too. Amen.