Daydreaming in Church

John Maassen

READ : Matthew 13:1-16

Do you daydream in church? (As a preacher’s kid rarely if ever excused from church attendance, I have joked about learning to sleep in church with my eyes open!)

Our minds are busy with other things. Our daily concerns parade down the pathway of our consciousness. The seed of the Word is lost.

Or perhaps we did listen. We walked out of church in a glow of rededication that warmed us throughout the day. But now it has cooled. The heat of weekday activities has replaced it now that Sunday is past.

Of course, Sunday’s message may have hit home! As a result, we are determined to live a better life. But be careful! The soil of our souls, though fertile and warm, has not been cultivated. The smoldering seeds of selfishness, lust and hate are still there and sprouting. We may not have really repented and the Word’s seedlings are about to wither and die.

But maybe God’s voice has really penetrated those daydreams! The Holy Spirit, like rain upon drought-stricken soil, has aroused our souls. Under His showers of blessing, our lives, opening to the Son, are budding, beginning to bear fruit.

Let’s not be daydreamers. Let’s keep our minds attentive to His Word every day of the week. And the Word will penetrate them and transform our lives.


“Open my ears that I may hear voices of truth thou sendest clear . . . Illumine me, Spirit divine.” Amen.