Weeds in the Wheat

John Maassen

READ : Matthew 13:24-30

I started my working career as a weed puller. I hoed corn. I blocked sugar beets. And when I picked berries, pickles and beans, I was confronted with weeds as well. Some might suggest that I am finishing my career that way too! As a minister of the gospel I have been dedicated to the eradication of evil. But, just as in the Michigan fields of my childhood, the “weeds” and the “wheat” are intermingled. How do we pull the one without destroying the other?

Jesus knows about weeds. He is the sower of good seed. But another sows too. His name is Satan. His seeds are the grains of discord and disobedience.

The prevalence of weeds is always a problem. In God’s world why should there be sin? But without the option to choose a path other than God’s (we call such choosing “sin”), we would only be robots. He wants us to be vital and morally strong, like Him! So how do we deal with those noxious weeds? Do we just pull them out? The Master Gardener advises against it. “Weed pulling” in society is not for amateurs! Our wisdom and knowledge are imperfect. But God’s judgment is impeccable.

So Jesus has ordained some of us to exercise justice for Him. But the final decision is His. He will rid the field of its weeds. And the wheat in the process will be harvested for eternity.


Lord, help me to focus upon my shortcomings and not those of others. Cleanse me of my sin. In Jesus’ name. Amen.