Trading Pearls

John Maassen

READ : Matthew 13:44-52

Even living as a Christian can be a “trade off.” We may have to “trade pearls” by giving up riches for that which is more valuable still.

All of us by nature are “pearl divers.” We want so much the fulfillment of noble aims, the acquisition of property, the experiences of respect and affection. All of these are “pearls” of real worth.

But by far the most precious pearl for us is an obedient relationship with God in Jesus Christ. He alone can settle our debts of sin. He alone meets all our needs, not just some of them. Only His pearl is truly lasting. Paul writes, “Neither death, nor life . . . nor things present, nor things to come” can separate us from that pearl (see Rom. 8:28).

So take inventory of your valuables. As God directs, start trading them for this precious jewel. St. Francis of Assisi is an example. He was a rich nobleman, but he literally became a beggar for Jesus’ sake. Another, Martin Luther, surrendered his high position in the church and laid his life on the line for the sake of freedom in the gospel. Look about you. You will find others who have imitated them in their devotion.

Following Jesus may cost more than we may have imagined. Be ready to give up the good for the best. The Pearl of Great Price is worth trading for!


Lord, help me to sort out my priorities. Help me to center my life on You alone. Amen.