Walking on Water

John Maassen

READ : Matthew 14:22-33

“Walking on water!” Some of our more gifted friends seem almost to do it! We tease them about it. It means doing the impossible. And Jesus actually accomplished it!

How many times have I faced turbulent seas in the 46 years of my ministry. Events happened regularly that seemed out of harmony with God’s purpose. So despite my holy calling I trembled and my faith slipped away behind a cloud.

But always miracles occurred! Buttrick has defined a miracle as “any event . . . that . . . pierces our dullness and despair to convince us of the presence and power of God.” How the disciples must have loved retelling this tale! It always heartened the church awash in persecution; it cheers us today.

But we disciples approaching the 21st century must “walk on water” too! In other words, we must be willing to test Him in the midst of our troubles. And for that we need a constant, whole-hearted faith in His power and His promises. As long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus he did not sink. But when he was distracted by the waves he nearly drowned.

Our faith is easily buffeted. Jesus rebukes us for our little faith. But He stays near us. If we, with the sinking Peter, will cry, “Lord, save us,” He will reach out and bring us safely into His boat.


Lord, help me to keep my footing. Help me to keep my eyes on You, come what may. Amen.