Is Your Christ God?

John Maassen

READ : Matthew 16:13-20

“Is your Christ God?” The question leaped from the page. “Of course,” my heart replied. But then I remembered that millions have not yet even heard the question. And others hearing it have rejected Peter’s response and said, “No.” But countless others (and most of them we find in church) have answered, “Yes,” at least in their heads if not in their hearts. Do they realize what that profession implies? If their Christ IS God, what are the implications?

It is clear that our Lord demands more than “lip service.” If He is God then He is totally in charge. His reaction is well taken, “Why do you call me, `Lord, Lord,’ and do not what I tell you?”

When I entered the Army I took an oath that bound me to the discipline of the Articles of War. When we enlist in Christ’s army, He expects us to obey Him. If we don’t, we are untrustworthy hypocrites. It’s a large order! If our Christ is God, then all of our life must be attuned to Him!

I heard a men’s chorus sing in the Netherlands some time ago. One number was sung in English. I remembered it from my childhood. “We are climbing Jacob’s Ladder.” They sang, “Sinners, do you love my Jesus?” And then, “If you love Him why not serve Him? . . . Soldiers of the Cross!”


Blessed Savior, You are our God! Help us to reflect that faith in our daily lives. Forgive us when we fail. Amen.