Mountain-Top Experiences

John Maassen

READ : Matthew 17:1-13

I love the mountains! Not as much as Harriet does; she flew over Mt. McKinley in a six-seater plane while I, feeling more secure, went white-water rafting thousands of feet below! But for each of us, it was a “mountain-top experience” to be savored, never to be forgotten. Did you know that familiar phrase had its origin in today’s Scripture passage? For the disciples it was a “mountain-top experience” par excellence. Like Peter we want never to leave it to stay on the mountain with the Lord and His proph- ets. But our homes are in the valleys. That’s where we must reflect the Great Light we have received on the mountain tops of our spiritual experience.

Witnessing the transfiguration led to the eventual transformation of Peter’s character. A similar revelation to Saul of Tarsus transformed him into the powerful Paul, promoter instead of persecutor of the church. Its reality heartened the early Christians as they faced persecution. It continues to inspire the church through the centuries.

We need these elevating experiences. The popularity of spiritual retreats in recent years is proof of this. They can help us to be fruitful and radiant as we live out our lives in the flatlands of our daily experience. So we climb the mountain from time to time to be energized anew by Him.


Heavenly Father, give me a new vision of Your power, Your presence, and Your peace. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.