Christ Makes the Impossible Possible!

John Maassen

READ : Matthew 19:16-26

Jesus’ hearers are amazed. The rich ruler gasps, “What do I still lack?” Stunned, the disciples wonder, “Who then can be saved?” Both are convinced that salvation can only be earned. We must do something good, or be very good to be saved.

They were “good people!” Especially the ruler! He always obeyed the law. But he did not know that the spirit of the law demands that we must love our neighbors as ourselves. “He went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions.” If such as he cannot enter the Kingdom, who can? Hear Jesus! “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

In my 76th year I praise God for what He has helped me do. More than ever I am aware of the things none of us can accomplish. We cannot erase the past. We cannot hold back the march of time. We cannot stave off the approach of death. We cannot overcome the lure of riches. We cannot save ourselves from sin. “With men this is impossible.” “But with God all things are possible!” He makes our past . . . and time . . . and death irrelevant. He gives us eternal life! He arms us against temptation with the sword of His Word. His Son pays our sins’ penalty on the Cross. God forgives and forgets our sins forever!


Our hearts are filled with joy as we think of what You have done for us! Hallelujah, O Christ! Amen.