How Are Your Investments Doing?

John Maassen

READ : Matthew 25:14-30

In our retirement we are blessed with a larger income than we had anticipated. What shall we do with the surplus? I have wryly remarked that debts are easier to keep track of than assets!

This parable which deals with investing centers not on the departing master, nor on his agents who were so richly endowed and successful. No. We are to focus on the one-talent man. Most of us identify with him! His type is certainly in the majority.

But he stands on dangerous ground. He is tempted to say, “I don’t have much. What can I do?” He may feel sorry for himself or envy and resent others better off than he. This one blamed even his master! “I know you to be a hard man.” He accused him of profiting unfairly. When we feel inadequate we are tempted to lash out at others too.

But this servant had the same opportunity as the others. He, too, could have doubled his money. But, weak in faith and initiative, he dug a hole and buried it. Paralyzed by fear he accepted the status quo. Through this parable Jesus is again preparing us for His return. We are to use our time and resources wisely before He brings history to its climax. How are you doing with your investments?


Master, You have entrusted so much to us Your servants. Help us invest our hours and our possessions wisely as we await Your return. Amen.