Always.. A House of Prayer

John Maassen

READ : Matthew 21:12-14

It was bedlam outside the Temple. So holy was the Temple that its center could only be entered by the high priest. Other courtyards were of varying degrees of exclusiveness, from the Courtyard of the Gentiles which non-Jews might visit to the Courtyards of the Israelites and the Priests where only some were welcome. An amazing building, it was a magnet to both the pious and impious alike. So the “American Express Agency” of that era had set up an office there to change currency. There were shops of all kinds, especially for the sale of doves for sacrifice. These enterprises were not evil in themselves. But their tactics were. They charged exorbitant prices. Those entrusted with God’s holy place had forgotten their holy calling and were exploiting the faithful. No longer was the Temple a house of prayer. So with authority Jesus sets things straight.

Today we celebrate the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. We Calvinists believe that the church is always to be “reformed and reforming,” bringing the church back to her God-given spiritual charter. The church must always be ready for the changes of a continuing reformation in order to better serve Him. Will we allow this process to continue for new generations? And what kind of reformers are we willing to be?


Dear Lord, let me never exploit my brothers and sisters in Christ. May I be an agent of reformation. For Christ’s sake. Amen.