From Generation to Generation

Trudy Maassen Vander Haar

READ : Deuteronomy 6:1-9

Halloween is just past that time when Americans intentionally try to scare each other. Actually, American children, once the envy of the world, are growing up scared most of the time, perhaps with good reason. The 1994 “State of America’s Children” report was shocking! Each day 3 children died of abuse, 13 died from guns, 202 were arrested for drug offenses and 307 for crimes of violence.

Educators in America do a variety of things to rid schools of the unhealthy aspects of Halloween, such as not allowing costumes which depict violence. We have been told parents watch an average of 4 hours of television a day, but spend only 30 seconds talking with their children. Meanwhile, the kids spend 2 hours a day watching television. TV shows are becoming increasingly more violent the inspiration for many of those gory Halloween costumes.

The problem of real life violence, lack of respect for life and other issues of low morality are not going to disappear easily. But, we can make a dent (a big one, we hope) by consistently trying to instill Christian values in our own families. I’d like to issue a call to all Christian families to worship together, use Words of HOPE together, pray together, play together, read good books together and have set family times to solve problems and build relationships.


Dear God, families are a gift and a trust from You. May we be faithful parents and grandparents. In Jesus’ name. Amen.