God's Grace

Trudy Maassen Vander Haar

READ : John 1:1-16

As I look out my window I see black and gray bare trees and dirtied snow, the ice on the pond reflecting gray skies. Does that mean that this is not a beautiful place because it is not my favorite season and the sun isn’t shining?

When we were in college, one of my college friends was involved in an accident that left him struggling with life as a paraplegic. This was a very dark season in his life. Two years ago we were invited to an Open House celebrating fifty years of abundant living since his accident. We are constantly amazed at what he has accomplished: a full career as a college professor, much writing, active participation in local church and denominational offices, winning chess championships, being a dedicated husband and father and a loving grandparent, as well as traveling in many countries. Who would have envisioned this in those days when “the sun wasn’t shining”?

God does not always perform the miracles we’d like. We aren’t always taken in the direction we’d like to go, but our God is a God of grace, redeeming our lives as well as our souls. What marvelous surprises He has in store for His children when we walk by faith. Sometimes we have an “after the fact” faith (if we can call that faith). Do we believe that God’s grace is sufficient for us in all times and in all seasons?


Thank You, God, for Your grace which so wonderfully provides for us in all circumstances. In Jesus’ name. Amen.