Who is This Child?

Harry Buis

READ : John 1:1-8

John does not tell us any of the stories surrounding the birth of Christ. He does something more important; he tells us the essen- tial meaning of that birth. He tells us who this child is lying there in the manger. This child is God, yet at the same time He was with God. Here we have the deity of Christ. He is able to save us because He is none other than God Himself. He alone is in the position to give us a very meaningful life here and now, as well as promising us a glorious future forever beyond the grave.

This child is God Himself, yet there is a complexity about God which we call the Trinity. For while the Word (the second person of the Trinity) is God, He was also with God, that is, with God the Father. This child is the Word. That is, He is the perfect revelation of God. The event of Christmas enables us to see what God is really like. Read through the gospel records. See the actions of Jesus. Hear His words. This is what God is like. He is compassionate. He cares about you!

Who is this child? John tells us He is eternal. He was with the Father from the beginning, and therefore shared in the creation of the world. The child of the manger brings light into this dark world. Let us share this light with others. How the world needs to know of this child in the manger, the Word of God.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Lord, for providing such a wonderful way of rescuing us. In the name of Jesus. Amen.