Your Child's Future

Harry Buis

READ : Luke 1:8-17 Although Zechariah and Elizabeth were godly, there was a great disappointment in their lives. They had not been able to have children and now Elizabeth was past the age when one might be expected. Some false prophets today claim that if you believe in Christ you will surely be healthy, wealthy and wise. But the Bible says that God sends trials into the lives of believers because He loves us. Spiritual maturity can be the product of personal diffi- culties. God is more interested in making us like Christ than He is in making us comfortable.

Zechariah was on duty as a priest. He was shocked when an angel appeared to him. Wouldn’t you be? But the angel has a message which we hear again and again in the Bible, “Do not be afraid” (v. 13).The angel brings God’s message that they will have a child. This child will play an important role in God’s kingdom. What do you desire regarding the future of your children? Is your goal for them riches and influence? What we should want for the future of our children is that they be useful in the kingdom of God. Perhaps God wants your child to be a missionary. There is no more important task in all the world. Perhaps God wants your children to carry out some other work, but it is His will that, at the same time, they be witnesses for Christ. Are you holding that biblical ideal before them? PRAYER

Father, use our children in Your service. Through Christ.