The Birth of Our Savior

Harry Buis

READ : Luke 2:1-7

Again we see that this event is rooted in history. It happened at a specific time in coordination with other historical events. God used the emperor of Rome to accomplish His purposes which were unknown to the emperor. The requirement was to go to the hometown of your ancestors, and Mary and Joseph were of royal blood, the descen- dants of David, although they were lowly peasants.

It was a difficult trip for a woman in the last days of her pregnancy. Tradition has Mary riding on a donkey, but it is more likely that she had to walk. Even if she rode, those highways were not in great condition. Then to arrive in Bethlehem and find the one hotel already filled. The stable may have been clean, but it was a stable. No doctor to deliver the baby. It was a frightening eventfor a young girl. Today so many Christians need all of the latest conveniences. In fact, most of us here in North America live in luxury. The concept of sacrifice for the cause of Christ has no place in most of our lives. Actually there is no sacrificing for Christ, since He has promised to repay us a hundredfold. But the importance fact is not the inconvenience for Mary but the mighty act of God, the Incarnation, when God took upon Himself human flesh. He became like us, yet without sin, that we might become like Him.


Father, help us to get our priorities straight. But, above all, help us to be grateful for the Gift. In His name. Amen.