The First Christmas Worship Service

Harry Buis

READ : Luke 2:8-14

Here all the promises of the Old Testament come to fruition the only Savior is born. And in what a place, a stable! How fitting, for Jesus is our example of that great quality, humility. (See Phil. 2.) The news of that birth is sent from heaven, not to kings and schol- ars, but to humble shepherds. Here it is again, the angel begins by saying, “Be not afraid” (v. 10). There are many things that are fearful, but in the midst of them is the good news that God has broken into this evil world to rescue all those who have childlike faith in His Son. This good news is not to be hidden in a corner it is “to all the people” (v. 10). What a privilege to introduce people to the greatest person in all the world, Jesus.

The angel preacher is joined by an angel choir. Glory to God.The Westminster Catechism asks, “What is the chief end of man?” What is the main purpose for living? It is to glorify God, that is, to show the world how great He is. The birth of our Savior, according to the angel choir, is not only to glorify God but to bring peace to people. Inner peace comes only when we are right with God, and only Jesus can make us right with Him. Yet this peace is not for every- one, but, “among men with whom he is pleased.” We please Him only by trusting in His Son.


Father, cause people to accept this peace. For Jesus’ sake.