When the Angels Leave

Harry Buis

READ : Luke 2:15-21

The shepherds had a wonderful experience. A great light shone upon them. An angel told them of the birth of the only Savior. An angelic choir told them of a wonderful peace only God can give. But now the angels are gone. What will they do? I hope that every Sunday you hear great biblical messages. That’s important. But what is of equal importance is what you do after the hour of worship. Do you just go home and get involved in a football game on TV? Or do you ponder the application of the message to your life and act accord- ingly?

The angels leave their sheep to wander off by themselves; they have something which is of higher priority. They go to Bethlehem. They don’t stroll indifferently, they “went with haste” (v. 16). Thenews about Jesus is the most important thing in all the world. Is that the way you feel about it? A lukewarm response is as bad as no response at all. The shepherds found Jesus. He was lying in the bin used for cattle feed he was not dressed in royal robes, but ordinary baby’s clothes. This did not deter them, for God had told them who this baby is the only one who can meet the deepest needs of the human soul. Many things today deter people from responding in wholehearted faith in Christ, but let nothing stop you.


Father, work in our hearts by Your Spirit, that we may respond to Christ as we should, enthusiastically. In His name. Amen.