The Elderly

Harry Buis

READ : Luke 2:36-40

Yesterday we met an old man who was very godly. Today we meet an old woman who was very godly. The normal pattern ought to be that as we grow older, we grow in our dedication to Christ, but this doesn’t happen automatically. We tend to become more and more what we have been. The gracious grow more gracious, the grumpy grow more grumpy. What is happening in your inner life as the years pass? We will grow more godly if we spend time with God. Not only read God’s Word each day, but let it impact your attitudes. Spend time in prayer, not trying to change God, but asking God to change you.

Anna spent time with God (v. 37). Therefore, she had a discern- ing spirit, recognizing this baby as the Christ. This caused her to do two things: she expressed her gratitude and she shared herinsight with others. As we grow older, let us be more thankful, especially for the miracle of Christmas, that God became a human being in order to rescue us and give us life to the full, now and forever. Once again, here is the theme of missions. Spread the good news. For example, your support of the Words of HOPE gospel broad- casts brings the good news of Christ to people in more than forty different languages, many in languages in which the gospel has never been broadcast before.


Father, as we grow older may we become more godly, more like You as You are revealed in Jesus. In His name. Amen.