Protecting the Child

Harry Buis

READ : Matthew 2:13-18

I once read an article entitled, “What do angels say?” The answer was that angels usually say, “Get up and go.” This is true in many passages of Scripture, and it is true in this passage where the angel tells Joseph to take the family to Egypt to protect the child from Herod. We must not be overly busy. We must take time to medi- tate on God’s Word. We must recognize the limitations of being frail human beings. However, it is so easy to grow complacent, to be satisfied just to sit, when people are destroying themselves all around us. We have a mission. We have a task to do for Christ. Let us get busy and do it. There are so many opportunities for service and for the support of worthwhile mission causes.

Again Joseph responded by doing what God told him to do. He wasobedient. So it should be with us. The Bible is full of examples of obedience and the resulting blessings and of disobedience and the resulting tragedy. We see examples of the sad results of disobedi- ence to the commandments of God on the news every day. A world fallen from God has always been filled with violence. The Bible contains many examples of violence carried out by disobedient sinners. Here is one more example in the story of Herod killing the children around Bethlehem. Such violence continues today in the tragedy of abortion for convenience sake as well as murders and wars.


Father, may Christ return soon. In His name. Amen.