One Problem After Another

Harry Buis

READ : Matthew 2:19-23

Joseph had faced a problem. Herod wanted to kill Jesus. In response to the command of the angel, he had taken the appropriate action. Now Herod is dead, the threat has disappeared. Again, God, through his angel, says to Joseph, “Rise” (v. 20). The plan of God must be unfolded; there is no standing still. As someone has said, “When riding a bicycle, if you stand still you fall.” New challenges require new actions. There should be no change for change’s sake. But as someone has said, paraphrasing the Seven Last Words from the Cross, the Seven Last Words of the Church are often, “We never did it that way before.” Many changes are not good. We must make no changes regarding the fundamental doctrines of the Christian church. But we must reevaluate the world and the church and take appropriateaction to meet the new challenges of a new day.

Having faced one problem, Joseph is now confronted with an- other. Herod’s son now rules in Judea in the south, and may continue the policies of his father. With divine guidance, Joseph takes the family to Nazareth in Galilee in the north. Thus Jesus ends up where God wants Him to be. There is no escape from having one problem after the other, but with God’s help, we can face them wisely. What problems are facing you today? Seek divine guidance.


Father, give us courage and wisdom to deal with our problems in a way which will honor You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.