Seed of the Woman

Harry Buis

READ : Genesis 3:8-19

Just looking at this passage, one might conclude that this refers to the natural antipathy most people have toward snakes. However, in light of the entire biblical story, this punishment upon the serpent for being the instrument of Satan is much more profound. Genesis 3:15 is called the Protevangelium, the first preaching of the gospel. Some have called it the Mother Promise, the promise from which all other Old Testament promises of the coming of the Savior flow. The one who will conquer Satan, that is, bruise his head, comes from the descendants of Eve, from the human race. This is why it was necessary for the Son of God to become part of the human race through the Incarnation. The birth of Christ is thus predicted already in Genesis 3.

This passage also ties together those two great events, the Incarnation and the Atonement. On Calvary, the seed of the woman, Jesus Christ, dealt a death blow to Satan, while suffering a serious blow himself. For Good Friday is like D-day, the crucial battle, the beginning of the end, although much difficult fighting must still take place. Christmas and Good Friday are tied together; it was necessary that the Son of God might be born in order to be able to die, die for our salvation. The Bible does not contain a series of disconnected stories; it is the unfolding of God’s great plan.


Father, we praise You for Your Son. In His name. Amen.