The Time Had Come

Harry Buis

READ : Galatians 4:1-10

The day is here, Christmas! All that we have been reading in these daily devotionals has been intended to explain the true meaning of this day. Verse 4 says, “When the time had fully come.” It was the right time for the arrival of the Savior. Greek philoso- phy had undermined belief in gods represented by idols. The Greek language was precise and understood throughout the Roman empire. The Romans provided roads for their soldiers which could be used by missionaries. The Pax Romana provided an environment where battle lines would not hinder the spread of the gospel. The faith of the Old Testament had been spread throughout the Roman empire, in every city where dispersed Jews had built a synagogue. God’s timing is always perfect, although we are inclined to grow impatient. Hewaited for centuries before sending His Son, but He came at just the right time. Believe the promises of God. They will be fulfilled at just the right time. This requires patience and faith on our part.

Today we celebrate the coming of Christ, but remember, He is coming again. It will be at just the right time. We ought to be eagerly looking forward to it. When Christ came the first time, some were ready to receive Him, others were not. Christ could come again at any time. It will be at just the right time in God’s plan. Are you ready for His coming?


Father, we thank You for the birth of Your Son. Please send Him back soon. In His name. Amen.