Born to Server

Harry Buis

READ : Mark 1:1-13

Mark doesn’t mention the birth of Christ. The tradition is that Mark obtained his material from Peter, and you know Peter’s reputa- tion for impatience. He wants to get right to the action. It is thought that Mark wrote first and Luke and Matthew had a copy of his work when they wrote. The purpose of the gospels is not to give a biography, but to present the message of the death and resurrection of Christ, with an introduction regarding His works.

Jesus was born that He might die for our sins. But He was also born to live a life revealing the true nature of God. Mark begins by telling how John prepared the way for Jesus. John called for repen- tance. If we are to stand in the presence of Christ, we must confess our sins so that we might be forgiven. The symbol of repentance wasto allow oneself to be baptized. Prior to this, Gentiles who wanted to become Jews were required to be baptized, thus acknowledging the filth of their sins. In accepting John’s baptism, a Jew was so repentant that he was acknowledging that he too was filthy and needed cleansing. Do we recognize that we are spiritually filthy in the sight of a holy God? Do we acknowledge that our only hope is to be washed in the blood of Christ? Only when we recognize the seri- ousness of our sins will we fully appreciate our salvation.


Father, forgive us who are repentant. For Jesus’ sake.