Follow Me, and –

Harry Buis

READ : Mark 1:14-20

Jesus began His ministry by preaching good news: all those centuries of waiting throughout the Old Testament were over, with His coming the kingdom of God was here. What does the term “kingdom of God” mean? The idea is that God rules. There is a sense in which He rules the whole world, including sinners. Here the idea is that He rules a group of people who are bound together in their commit- ment to do His will. The opportunity is here to become a part of that group. One does so, according to Jesus, by repentance and faith.

Jesus wanted helpers to share in His work. Whom did He call? Religious leaders or doctors or lawyers? No. He chose fishermen. There are hints here that Mark received his information from Peter.The story starts when Simon (Peter) meets Jesus. A number of times the word “immediately” is used, as one would expect from impatient Peter.

Jesus calls Peter and He calls us, “Follow me.” It is not enough to believe facts about Jesus. One must make a commitment to this great Person. When we follow Him, He will make something of us, fishers of men. We are all called to evangelism, though only some have a special gift for this work. What is the right response? “Immediately they left their nets.” Whatever the cost, follow Jesus at once.


Father, give us grace to follow Jesus. In His name. Amen.