Harry Buis

READ : Mark 1:21-34

The child in the manger is now an adult. He goes from place to place preaching, teaching and healing. He teaches a new doctrine compared to what the religious leaders have been teaching and He does so in a new way. He teaches with “authority” (v. 22). The rabbis had been quoting other rabbis and leaving the people in uncertainty. How good it is that we can be certain about the answers to the basic questions of life, because this Jesus is God come in human flesh. He has the answers. Believing what He says we can face life with assurance that we have the truth.

Such teaching caused the people to be “astonished” (v. 22). We have heard about Jesus for so long we are not as astonished as we should be as to who He is and what He says and does. As we ponderthe words and actions of Jesus, may the Spirit cause us to be struck with them afresh and share in the astonishment of those who heard Him for the first time. As Jesus backs up His words with actions, the people are “amazed” (v. 27). “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me.” This is indeed amazing, God becomes a human being and shows by His words and actions how deeply He is concerned with our problems. But so often we display a “ho- hum” attitude. May the Lord open our eyes. This is of first impor- tance. Let us be amazed.


Father, take away the dullness of spirit so that we may be amazed by what is indeed amazing. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.