Prayer and Pity

Harry Buis

READ : Mark 1:35-45

Jesus, being man as well as God, needed to pray. He needed to spend time with His heavenly Father. If Jesus needed this, how much more do we need it. We need it more, but most of us pray less than Jesus did. What about your prayer life? How much time do you spend in conversation with God? What is the content of your prayer? With how much fervor do you pray? Jesus is our example. Jesus withdrew from people to pray. He needed that and so do we. But He did not continue to withdraw. Having been refreshed by His time with the Father, He went back into a life in contact with people who had great need. He did not ignore their need because He had “pity” (v. 41) on them.

Sometimes we have pity, we feel sorry for someone, but then wedo nothing about it. Jesus was “moved with pity.” He not only grieved as He saw the tragic results of sin in the lives of people, He did something about it. He had miraculous powers. We may not have that kind of power, but Scripture tells us that we can be empowered by the Spirit to help people. What we do will not be ineffective because we do it with His help. It is strange: Jesus tells this man to say nothing about what Jesus has done for him, but he can’t keep still. Jesus tells us to witness, but we remain silent.


Father, help us to improve our prayer life and to speak for Jesus. In His name. Amen.