Bringing a Person to Christ

Harry Buis

READ : Mark 2:1-12

A man was paralyzed, but he had four friends. Together they brought him to Jesus. It would have been almost impossible for one man to bring him. It would have been difficult for two, especially since they needed to get on top of that roof. Four men, cooperating with each other, could do it. Many people need to be brought to Christ. If we really are amazed at what Christ has done for us, we should want these blessings for others.

Evangelism should be a team effort. Let us cooperate with others to bring people to Christ. One way is in pooling our material resources, in giving along with others to missionary causes. Through such gifts, for example, you can be part of the Words of HOPE team that brings the message of Christ to millions of people in dozens ofnations. But our gifts are not substitutes for personal efforts. If a neighbor who needs Christ sees the loving life of a number of Christians around him, and hears their gracious testimony about how wonderful Christ is, that team effort will make an impact, espe- cially if we are joined in prayer for that person. If you can bring someone with you to a church where the gospel is preached in power, you and the preacher and others in that church form a team to bring people to Christ.


Father, give us a tremendous desire to work together and pray together to bring people to Christ. In His name. Amen.