A New Begining is Yours

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 12:22-31

New Year’s Day is a time for starting over. Today, let us look to the past and see those things that haven’t gone well in our lives, lay them squarely before God, ask for His forgiveness, and commit ourselves anew to walking in the steps of Jesus.

E. Stanley Jones, the great Methodist missionary, once said, “The tragedy of our humanity is that while we can see that our ways won’t work, still we hesitate to take God’s way.” Jones tells the story of the compassionate mayor of a great city in India who did much to clean up vast areas of the slums, replacing shacks with neat cottages and apartments. Said the mayor to Dr. Jones, “Sometimes I walk around the remaining wretched sections of the city late at night and I say to myself, `If only the people would let me, I could do anything for them.’ But they won’t let me. They are used to their filth, and cling to it, though it kills them off like flies.” Jesus knows how that Indian mayor felt. Jesus can do anything for us, if only we will let Him. He can clean up our lives and free us from fear and worry. But we must do our part. We must repent, confess our sin, and seek after God’s kingdom. We must look to Jesus, walk in His steps, and allow God to become the dominating force in our lives.


Jesus, keep my eyes focused on You in the year ahead and give me courage to seek after the things of Your kingdom.