Turn Around!

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 3:7-14

John’s mission was to sound the alarm, call people to repentance, and urge them to stop ignoring God and to seek God’s ways once again.

An anxiety-ridden woman took her worries to a fortune teller. “Everything is going wrong,” she complained. “My husband is having an affair with a younger woman. My daughter ran off with a no-good, lazy bum. And yesterday my cat died. I want to know what’s next. What’s my future? Is there any hope?” The fortune teller began tracing the lines on the woman’s palm and said, “I see that your husband’s business will soon fail and you will be destitute. In a few months you will turn to drink and become an alcoholic. By year’s end you will lose all your friends, your husband will leave you, and your relatives won’t speak to you.” Whereupon the distraught woman cried out, “What happens then?” Towhich the fortune teller replied, “Oh, then you’ll get used to it.”

That’s the problem John was confronting: people had gotten used to taking God and His ways for granted. John’s job was to jolt the people into seeing the need for God in their lives. His message is for us as well. We all need to turn around, repent of our sin and listen for the voice of God who speaks to us most clearly in Jesus.


Father in heaven, we have ignored You and gone our own way. Forgive us our sin and lead us to the feet of Jesus. Amen.