Showdown in the Desert

Tony Vis

READ : Luke 4:1-13

Jesus was “led by the Spirit in the desert” to do battle with the devil. He went to be tested, to be made stronger. As fire tempers metal to harden and strengthen it, so our Lord’s showdown with the devil in the desert would make Him stronger and more resolute in His pursuit of a heavenly cause.

The result of this time of temptation was positive because of the way Jesus dealt with it. Jesus had prepared Himself well in advance for this classic battle with the tempter by immersing Himself in the word, the will, and the ways of God. When the tempter came to Him, Jesus fought off the attack by quoting from God’s Word and announcing His intention to live His life and carry out His mission on God’s terms. And the devil went down to defeat! None of us needs to face the trials and temptations of life on our own power or in our own strength. When we find ourselves in the wilder- ness of temptation, we may see there the footprints of the Master who went before us, and His victory can give us the confidence to go on and claim our own. We may be sure that God’s Word contains everything we need to defeat the evil one in our day as well. So let us follow the example of Jesus and immerse ourselves in the word, the will, and the ways of God.


Father, we thank You for revealing Yourself and speaking Your truth through the Bible. In Jesus’ name. Amen.